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Strategic Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
10/00551/CMAS TV247 Autumn Glen, Doctors Hill, Sherfield English, Hants SO51 6JX Restoration/infilling of disused chalk pit
10/00529/HCC3N TVE058 Land to the North East of East Anton Manor Farm, East Anton, Andover SP11 6AB Construction of a new 420 place primary school with associated car parking and external works
10/00385/HCC3S TVG008 Abbey Water, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 8EJ The demolition of the retaining wall at Abbey Water, and new retaining wall built in its place
10/00277/HCC3N TVE030 Vigo County Infant School, 5 Schools' Campus, Vigo Road, Andover SP10 1JZ Proposed 4 No canopies
10/00158/HCC3N TVE021 Stockbridge Primary School, Old London Road, Stockbridge Hampshire SO20 6EJ A single storey Children's Centre extension and a single storey replacement of the existing preschool building, with associated external works
10/00030/CMAN TV231 The A303 Recycling Facility, Drayton Road, Barton Stacey Variation of conditions 3, 14 and 15 of Planning Permission 09/01292/HCC3N (to relocate the waste recycling picking station, increase length of building and provide an additional portacabin office)
SCR/2009/0375 TV066 RFSF Recycling Facility, Nr Timsbury Screening & Scoping request for permanent retention and extension
09/02656/CMAS TV066 RF Salvidge Recycling, Bunny Lane, Timsbury, Romsey SO51 0PG Change of use to vehicle, plant and container parking of an area to the south of the existing waste recycling facility
09/02682/CMAS TV066 Bunny Lane, Timsbury Variation of condition 5 of Planning Permission 08/01463/CMAS (remove requirement for bund on site boundary)
09/02515/CMAS TV055 Raymond Brown Minerals & Recycling Ltd, Lee Lane, Nursling Variation of condition 2 of Planning Permission TVS01722/20 (to allow the importation of up to 50,000 tonnes of waste per year)
09/02548/HCC3N TVE059 Barton Stacey C Of E Primary School, Roberts Road, Barton Stacey, Winchester SO21 3RY A new single storey Childrens Centre building including associated landscape works
09/02530/CMAN TV246 Bullington Cross Inn, Bullington Cross, Bullington SO21 3QG Change of use from public house to recycling yard and construction of a store building/office, tipping area, storage areas and formation of car parks
09/02350/CMAN TV237 C & A Stevens & Sons (Transport) Ltd, Old Stockbridge Road, Grateley, ANDOVER SP11 7EF Development and operation of a tyre processing facility.
09/02277/CMAS TV211 Former MOD Site, Dean Hill, West Dean, Nr Salisbury Proposed temporary site access road to the contractor's compound to facilitate the new sewage treatment works and pumping station to replace existing and associated works
09/02199/HCC3N TVE058 Land to the North East of East Anton, Manor Farm, East Anton, Andover Hampshire SP11 6AB Provision of a temporary school on the East Anton Major Development Area currently named Northern Primary School
09/02101/CMAS TV072 Squabb Wood Landfill Site, Salisbury Road, Shootash, ROMSEY SO51 6GA Erection of a mess facility
09/01996/CMAS TV072 Squabb Wood Landfill Site, Salisbury Road, Shootash, ROMSEY SO51 6GA Installation and operation of two leachate holding tanks
09/01795/HCC4S TVS010 Nightingale Lodge, Great Well Drive, Romsey, SO51 7QN Fire precaution works, including new staircase provision
09/01614/HCC3N TVE030 The Norman Gate School, Vigo Road, ANDOVER, Hampshire SP10 1JZ Extension and partial refurbishment to Norman Gate School
09/01568/HCC3S TVE016 West Tytherley Primary School, The Village, West Tytherley, SALISBURY SP5 1JX Provision of new sewage treatment plant to replace existing septic tank system
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