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Strategic Planning

All Applications in Test Valley

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
09/00138/CMAN TV240 Tesco Store, Charlton Road, Andover Siting of a single Tomra recycling unit and associated works
09/00148/HCC3N TV231 Shooting Ground on land off the A303, Longparish, Andover Construction of safety and noise screening bunds
09/00010/CMAS TV241 Tesco, 6 Pilgrims Close, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh Siting of a single Tomra Recycling unit and associated works
08/02956/HCC3N TV234 Andover HWRC, Scott Close, Walworth Industrial Estate, Andover SP10 5NU Variation of Condition 2 of PP 07/0015/HCC3N to extend the hours of Operation
08/02658/CMAS TV024 Hopkins Recycling- Casbrook HWRC, Bunny Lane, Timsbury, ROMSEY -SO51 0PG Variation of condition 4 of PP: 05/00191/CMS to extend the hours of operation
08/02603/CMAS TV107 Kimbridge Quarry, Mottisfont Lane, Romsey Proposed continued implementation of Planning Permission TVS05386/5 without compliance with condition 1 (amended restoration scheme)
08/02412/CMAS TV211 Former MOD Site, Dean Hill, West Dean New sewage treatment works with pumping station to replace existing, new access roads, creation of segregated compounds with fencing
08/02347/CMAS TVH004 Baddesley Road Bridge, Baddesley Road/Flexford Road, Chandlers Ford Construction of single span steel pedestrian and cycle bridge over railway, shared pedestrian and cycle approaches to be constructed, reprofiling of highway embankment and other ground to accommodate the access paths which will require the importation of 1405m3 inert granular fill (approx) and 110m3 (approx) topsoil, ancillary works including contractors compound and remediation of land with landscape planting
08/02260/HCC3N TVE040 Roman Way Primary School, Roman Way, ANDOVER SP10 5JY Proposed extension and refurbishment of existing school together with site wide landscape improvements and increased car park provision
SCO/2008/0157 TV184 Tesco Distribution Centre, Nursling Industrial Estate, Nursling, Southampton Request for an EIA Scoping Opinion for a proposed biomass fuelled combined heat and power (CHP) plant development
08/01846/CMAS TVE035 Knightwood Primary, Bell Flower Way, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 4HW Continued siting of a temporay classroom (Ref: 11193) for a further period of time
08/01785/CMAS TV055 B F I, Lee Lane, Nursling, SOUTHAMPTON SO16 0AD Additional Site Offices and Alterations to Site Access
08/01684/CMAS TV093 Former Refuse Site, Bunny Lane, Timsbury Application seeks to extend the time period for restoration
08/01640/CMAN TV239 Andover Mini Skip Hire, Commercial Centre, Picket Piece, Andover Application for a Certificate of Lawful use for mini skip hire
08/01524/CMAN TV231 Shooting Gound on land off the A303, Longparish, Andover Construction of safety and noise screening bunds
08/01463/CMAS TV066 Waste Recycling Facility, Bunny Lane, Timsbury The development of land without complying with conditon 3 of Planning Permission TVS01051/9 to remove the link between the recycling facility and Hunts farm and Bunny Lane Landfill
08/01397/HCC3N TVE032 Harrow Way Community School, Harrow Way, Andover SP10 3RH Proposed small hobby farm within the school grounds for educational purposes and to include fencing and a polytunnel
08/01119/HCC3S TVE018 Broughton Primary School, North End, Broughton, near Stockbridge SO20 8AN The proposal is to demolish a redundant toilet block and construct a detached single storey building for use by the school, village pre-school and the community
08/01038/CMAS TV236 The Waste Centre, Yokesford Hill Estate, Yokesford Hill, Belbins, Romsey Variation of condition 16 of planning permission 07/01429/CMAS (height of stockpiles)
08/00943/HCC3N TVS008 Cherry Orchard Older Persons Home, Windsor Road, Andover SP10 3HX Erection of first floor extension linking to new fire escape stairway (latter constructed within existing shaft/enclosure)
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