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Strategic Planning

All Applications in Winchester

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
04/02813/HCS WRG019 Capitol House, Bridge Street, Winchester Installation of floodlighting to car park
04/02726/HCM WR200 Silverlake Garage, Row Ash, Botley Road, Shedfield Replacement building to provide automotive treatement facility and extension to storage area
W05767/11 WR200 Silverlake Garage, Row Ash, Botley Road, Shedfield Replacement building to provide automotive treatment facility and extension to storage area
04/02516/HCM WR198 Tesco Stores, Easton Lane, Winchester Installation of tomra recycling to replace existing recycling facility
04/02519/HCM WR199 Pegham Industrial Estate, Fontley Road, Funtley Change of use from a scrapyard to a waste transfer station
04/02345/HCS WRH004 Bishops Waltham Depot, Botley Road, Bishops Waltham Extension of workshop and formation of washdown area and steel gantry
04/01835/HCM WR197 Micheldever Depot, Stockbridge Road, Micheldever Station, Micheldever Installation & operation of mobile foamix & stabilisation plant with crushing facility when required for more that 28 days per calendar year
04/01823/HCM WR196 Bury Farm Industrial Estate, Botley Road, Curbridge Application for recycling contruction and demolition wastes
04/01821/HCS WRE034 Droxford Junior School, Union Lane, Droxford Demolition of existing kitchen, conversion of existing hall to classroom, construction of new hall & kitchen, new playground
04/01859/HCM WR195 Harestock Wastewater Treatment Works, Andover Road, Winchester Motor control centre kiosk
SCR/2004/0113 WR195 Harestock Waste Water Treatment Works Request for Screening Opinion
04/00966/HCS WRG007 Micheldever Coating Plant, Micheldever Station, Micheldever Renewal of temporary permssion for temporary offices with associated car parking
04/00757/HCM WRG015 Southstoke Farm, Kings Worthy, Winchester Installation of 4.572m x 18.290m underground slurry store and dirty water tanks
04/00760/HCS WRE044 Osborne School, Andover Road, Winchester The erection of a fence in excess 2m high along the boundary shared with Orchard House
04/00647/HCM WR188 Marwell Zoo at Land adjacent to Hurst Farm, Thompsons Lane, Fishers Pond, Winchester Variation of condition 1 of Planning Permission 0202394HCM W18063 (extension of time period) for composting and worm farm, tree nursery for fodder and landscaping for Marwell Zoo
04/00559/HCS WRE004 Kings School, Romsey Road, Winchester Provision of two double temporary clasrooms
04/00445/HCS WRE044 Osborne School, Osborne House, Andover Road, Winchster (formally Lankhill School) New two storey boarding house and single storey post 16 unit for children with learning difficulties
04/00135/HCS WRE005 Swanmore College of Technology, New Road, Swanmore Multi use hall with ancillary accommodation
04/00100/HCS WRE006 The Westgate School, Cheriton Road, Winchester New administration suite and entrance with access (complete refurbishement of 60's science block) and new classroom
04/00008/HCS WRG018 Serles House, Southgate Street, Winchester The provision of a steel fabricated (external fire escape changed to internal fire escape (05/02/04), together with a new external escape door required by the building regulations, New planting beds either side of the Gar St entrance with designated parking
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