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Strategic Planning

All Applications in Winchester

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
03/01870/HCS W03088/ WRS008 Westholme, 55 Harestock Road, Winchester New nursing care building and associated works
03/01741/HCM W02007/ WR193 C D Jordan & Sons Ltd, Barfield Close, Winchester Erection of a new end of life vehicle building within the confines of the existing site
W11401/13 03/01698/H WRE007 Perins School, Pound Hill, New Alresford Provision of one double temporary classroom
03/01686/HCS W15707/ WRG012 Itchen Farm, Otterbourne Road, Compton, Winchester Erection of 30.48 x 13.7m approx steel-framed covered yard for loose housing of livestock
03/01627HCM W00371/1 WR081 Botley Depot, Botley Station Goods Yard, Station Hill, Curdridge, Nr Botley Permanent siting of Portacabin at Depot
W17526/03 03/01506/H WRG018 Serles House, Southgate Street, Winchester The internal refurbishment of the ground and first floors, including improvments to kitchen and new toilet, fire precautions, health and sfaety and disability improvements in accordance with current building regs, re-decoration
03/01515/HCM W8495/1 WR183 Bar End Depot, Bar End Road, Winchester Construction of a Household Waste Recycling Centre including parking, site office and sales area, revised access and site drainage
03/01519/HCM W08495/ WR183 Bar End Depot, south end of Bar End Road, Winchester A training centre where scrap furniture is reconditioned for reuse, an education centre for courses in ecology & bio-diversity, administration for Winchester Alliance for Mental Health
03/01512/HCM W08495/ WR183 Bar End Depot, Bar End Road, Winchester Natural resource recovery uses and/or B1/B2 industrial uses
W13927/06 03/01514/H WRE023 Micheldever Primary School, Micheldever, Winchester Continued siting of two double temporary classrooms (ref: 8892 & 9232)
W05861/32 03/01518/H WRE045 Clarendon House Mathematics Centre Romsey Road, Winchester Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (Ref: 10426)
03/01336/HCM WR192 Unit D, Pegham Industrial Estate, Laveys Lane, Titchfield Temporary change of use to allow the storage of waste in skips/containers and the parking of vehicles loaded with waste in containers
W00967/10 03/01273/H WRE046 Swanmore College of Technology, New Road, Swanmore Floodlit Mulit Use Games Area
W17526/02 03/01270/H WRG018 Serle's House, Southgate Street, Winchester Change of use from Crown Property in use by MOD to use by HCC of ground floor for access, first floor for function rooms and second floor for offices with retetion of Museum and Memorial Gardens
W11763/06 03/01226/H WR105 Raglington Landfill, Raglington Farm, Botley Road, Shedfield Variation of condition 1 of planning permission T/APP/Q1770/A/99/1023184/P5 to extend period for restoration
03/01240/HCM WR192 Units D and E, Pegham Industial Estate, Lavey's Lane, Titchfield Construction of industrial building, weighbridge and office/mess facilities, waste recycling, storage and treatment
03/01094/HCM W06165/ WR191 The 'Pebbles', Southwick Road, Boarhunt Change of use to recycling centre for green composting
03/01082/HCS W05836/ WR190 Spring Gardens Pumping Station, Spring Gardens, Alresford Redevelopment scheme to include MCC kiosk, balancing storage tank, valve chamber underground CSO Changer, new telemetre, turningarea/access road and ancillary works
03/00866/HCS WRE021 Woodside Education Centre, Main Road, Colden Common, Winchester Provision of one double tempoary classroom with WCs and demolition of old external WC block
W02258/09 03/00619/H WRG017 Meadow Farm, Basingstoke Road, Kings Worthy, Nr Winchester Construction of new cubical building to accommodate dairy cattle
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