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Strategic Planning

All Applications in Winchester

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
03/00098/HCS W16121/ WRE031 Meonstoke C of E School, Chapel Road, Meonstoke Single classroom extension and associated external works
02/03086/HCS W00871/ WRE013 Henry Beaufort Secondary School, East Woodhay Road, Harestock, Winchester Continued siting of one double temporary classroom (No.12543) and one single unit (No.12544)
02/03085/HCS W16121/ WRE031 Meonstoke CE(C) Infant and 1st Year Junior, Meonstoke Continued siting of one single temporary class room (No. 9263)
02/03089/HCS W00861/ WRE006 Westgate Secondary School, Links Road, Winchester Proposed single storey sports pavilion (and removal of existing fire damaged brick base)
0202957HCM W14155/07 WR189 The Old Tin Barn, Longwood Road, Owslebury, Nr Winchester Temporary storage and use of two skips for storing waste
0202712HCM W17783/01 WR185 Land east of Pest Cottages, West Meon Variation of condition 1 of PP. 0201596HCM W17783 to extend the time for tipping operations
0202394HCM W18063 WR188 Marwell Zoo at Land adjacent to Hurst Farm, Thompson Lane, Fishers Pond, Winchester Proposed composting and worm farm, tree nursery for fooder and landscaping for marwell zoo
SCR/2002/1001 WR190 Spring Gardens Pumpting Station Screening opinion
0202450HCM W00942/10 WR187 Barton Farm, Andover Road, Winchester Site for temporary storage of waste material
0202378HCS W07271/09 WR089 Household Waste Recycling Centre, Garnier Road, Winchester Continued opeation of HWRC for a further period
0202134HCS W17981 WR186 Land off A272 (Avington-B(2) Well) Matterly Farm, Itchen Valley, Nr Winchester Proposed oil exploration borehole
0202015HCS W02175/05 WRE033 Wickham Primary School, Buddens Road, Wickham New Classroom extension, internal alterations & associated external works
0201976HCS W00871/15 WRE013 The Henry Beaufort School, East Woodhay Road, Harestock, Winchester Extension to existing community building to provide additional community facilities and day nursery accommodation
0201740HCS W17890 WRH006 Cheriton Cottage Culvert Bridge, Cheriton Demolition of the existing single span brick arch bridge & replacment with a new single span precast reinforced concrete box bridge faced in brickwork
0201737HCS W17887 WRH005 Cheriton War Memorial Bridge, Cheriton Demolition of the existing single span brick arch bridge & replamcnet with a new single span reinforced concreted arched box bridge faced in bricks
0201669HCS W05861/31 WRE004 Kings School, Romsey Road, Winchester Proposed new music and drama room extensions
W14917/02 0201615HCS WRE032 St Bede CE (C) Primary School, Bereweeke Road, Winchester Continued siting of 14 double classrooms (until 31/8/06)
W17783 0201596HCM WR185 Land east of Pest Cottages, West Meon, Petersfield To import fill and soil materials to improve low quality agricultural land to the north and west of existing improvements granted under GDO
0201590HCM W11890/08 WR137 Frith Lane Landfill, Nr Wickham Variation of condition 1 & 6 of Planning permission W11890/07 to extend the time for waste disposal and restoration
0201587HCM W11890/09 WR137 Frith Lane Landfill Site, Nr Wickham Temporary storage of soils and restoration materials
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