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Strategic Planning

All Applications in Winchester

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
09/01058/HCS WR081 Yeoman Asphalt, Botley Goods Yard, Station Hill, Botley Erect three silos
SCO/2009/0166 WR216 Unit 5 Falcon Court, Parklands Business Park, Forest Road, Denmead Scoping Opinion: Asbestos only transfer station
09/01046/HCS WR188 Marwell Yard, Thompson Lane, Owslebury, Winchester, SO21 1JH Change of use from agricultural storage to use of land for storage and transfer of waste material associated with gas utility works and ancillary storage of plant, equipment and materials associated with a general construction and civil engineering business
09/00974/HCS WRE048 Weeke Primary School, Stoney Lane, Winchester SO22 6DR Delivery and erection of one double temporary modular building to site for a temporary period, to provide extra teaching space, in addition, 2 no parking spaces required due to the increase in school number, enabled by the addition of 2 new temporary classrooms
09/00786/HCS WRG014 Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry St, Winchester, SO23 8RX To install four A1 poster display cases to the front facade of the original Listed Building to promote events within the Discovery Centre
09/00734/HCS WRG030 Tynefield Cottages, Whiteley Lane, Fareham Erection of two agricultural buildings to house livestock and fodder ~~(1. Second-hand structure 6.7m x 12.2m approx, 2. new steel-framed building 9.14m x 24.38m approx.)
09/00512/HCS WRG018 Serles House, Southgate Street, Winchester SO23 9EG The proposed alterations are intended to improve the museum visitors and general public's experience of the gardens by renovating existing planting, improving existing pathway and creating seating spaces, making seating spaces accessible with the creation of a pedestrian ramped access, new signage and new flagpole.
09/00029/HCS WR205 Four Dell Farm, Poles Lane, Otterbourne, Winchester Variation of condition 2 of PP 07/01762/HCS (removal of limits on vehicle movements) at proposed waste recycling facility
08/02857/HCS WR081 Yeoman Asphalt, Botley Goods Yard, Station Road, Botley Erect three new feed hoppers and to vary condition 10 of PP DRD4056 to allow importation of sand, hardstone, recycled asphalt planings (RAP) and recycled concrete for use in existing plant
08/02856/HCS WRG029 Castle Hill, The Castle, Winchester SO23 8UD Replacement of failed stone cantilvered staircase in new Portland Stone.
08/02657/HCS WR215 Four Dell Farm, Otterbourne, Nr Winchester Development & operation of the facility for the recycling of waste wood and other recycled materials
08/02637/HCS WR183 Winchester HWRC, Bar End Depot, Bar End Road, Winchester SO23 8RA Variation of condition 3 of PP: 03/01515/HCM to extend the hours of operation
08/02575/HCS WR008 New Alresford HWRC, Prospect Road, New Alresford SO24 9QF Variation of condition 11 of PP: 9902245HCS to extend the hours of operation
08/02519/HCS WR105 Raglington Farm Estate, Botley Road, Shedfield, Variation of condition 2 of Planning Permission 07/02980/HCS to extend the time limit for tipping operations
08/02382/HCS WR214 Sanctuary Farm, Alresford Drove, South Wonston, Winchester, SO21 3HW Proposed land improvement using inert material transferred from adjoining site
08/01985/HCS WRG016 Bull Farm, Kings Worthy, Winchester, SO21 1AQ Proposed livestock building to roof over existing concrete yard
08/01738/HCS WR081 Botley Depot, Botley Station Goods Yard, Station Hill, Curdridge, Nr Botley Replacement of existing permitted portacabin with alternative portacabin
08/01512/HCS WR200 Silverlake Garage, Row Ash, Botley road, Shedfield Minor amendments to planning permission 07/00714/HCS to change alignment of fire access to enable improved fire emergency service working area and associated realignment of planting, security fencing and additional obscure netting to north east and north west boundaries, variation of condition 5 to allow storage of vehicles to a maximum 4 high excluding 15m on east boundary at 3 high
08/01408/HCS WRG028 The Bungalow, Tynefield Caravan Site, FAREHAM PO15 6RL 1) Remove central earth mound and develop new play area 2) Reinstate two pitches with new amenity buildings 3) Build extensions to two existing amenity buildings - plots 11 and 12 4) Install CCTV and associated towers for cameras
08/01133/HCS WR018 Transfer Plant, Poles Lane, Otterbourne, WINCHESTER SO21 2EA Extension to approved office
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