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Strategic Planning

Monitoring and Enforcement

The County Council carries out regular monitoring of over 250 permitted minerals and waste development sites in Hampshire to ensure that operations are being carried out in accordance with the planning permissions and legal agreements attached to them.

Where breaches of planning control such as un-authorised development or other problems occur, the County Council as Minerals & Waste Planning Authority may take Enforcement Action proportionate to the breach.  If you consider that a breach of planning control is occurring at a minerals or a waste site, or a minerals or waste activity is occurring at an unauthorised site, you should contact an Enforcement Officer, or use our online complaints form above.

The Council's Enforcement and Site Monitoring Plan  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 14MB provides more guidance on the Council's enforcement powers, the action that can be undertaken and site monitoring.

Fly Tipping

The removal of fly tipped material is the duty of your District or Borough Council if it is on highway land.


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