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Strategic Planning

Hampshire Minerals & Waste Plan - evidence base

All the documentation prepared as part of the preparation of the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan (HMWP) - the evidence base - as well as documents associated with the public examination of the Plan are available to view at Hampshire County Council offices in Winchester. This includes the consultation documents produced and any studies and assessments undertaken to inform plan preparation or the public examination.

Hard copies of the evidence base are available on request. The cost of issuing documents in the evidence base will depend on what is being requested. Once the costings estimates have been calculated, payment should be made to Hampshire County Council either by cheque of by bank transfer (details available on request). The copies of the evidence base will then be distributed once payment has cleared.

A full list of the evidence base and some of the documentation produced by the Hampshire Authorities is available below:

Some of the main documents of the evidence base used to support the Plan are also available to view below:


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