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Strategic Planning

Minerals & Waste Planning Policy - Policy History

The Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan (HMWP) replaced the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Core Strategy (2007) HMWCS - as well as the saved policies of the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan (1998) HPSMWLP - as planning policy for minerals and waste development in Hampshire upon it's adoption in October 2013. This means that the HMWCS (2007) and the HPSMWLP are no longer material considerations in decision making in Hampshire.

A history of minerals and waste planning policy in Hampshire is shown below.

Archived planning policy

The Hampshire Minerals and Waste Development Framework (2005-2010)

From 2005, planning policy had been prepared for inclusion in a 'folder' or collection of planning documents known as The Hampshire Minerals & Waste Development Framework.  This set of documents included important 'Plans' for the future as well as a set of supporting documents. The first Plan adopted was the HMWCS (2007) which contained policies to guide minerals and waste development up to 2020. This Plan, along with two other site allocation Plans, were to replace the HPSMWLP (1998). However the replacement site allocation Plans were not completed and were superceded by work on the Hampshire Minerals & Waste Plan, which replaced the Core Strategy and also included minerals and waste site allocations.

The Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton Minerals & Waste Local Plan (1998)

The Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton Minerals and Waste Local Plan (1998) was adopted in December 1998. This replaced the Hampshire Minerals Local Plan (adopted in 1987). It contained detailed policies for the control of minerals and waste development and identifies preferred sites to provide for the minerals and waste development requirements in Hampshire Portsmouth and Southampton. The HPSMWLP was mostly superseded by the HMWCS in 2007 but there were some site specific policies that were retained until the Hampshire Minerals & Waste Plan was adopted in 2013. There were also Supplementary Planning Guidance documents in the form of two 'Development Briefs' -

Bramshill Plateau Development Brief

and the

Ringwood Forest Development Brief

Other planning information

The County Council has jointly published guidance on the planning for the energy recovery facilities in Hampshire.


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