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Strategic Planning

What is in my area?

Hampshire is a dynamic county, continuing development is essential for maintaining it's sustainability and prosperity. There are a number of existing mineral and waste sites that have received planning permission in Hampshire. These permissions can be limited to only operate for a number of years (temporary) or permanent. A list of existing, permitted sites, grouped by district or by mineral/waste planning authority are available in the Sites List which is available on the Facts and Figures webpage.

Planning applications are frequently received for changes or extensions to existing permissions as well as applications for new mineral or waste development.

You can get involved in the planning process by:

To find out if any planning applications are currently being considered in or nearby your area of interest, as well as what areas might be affected by future development plans, select one of the links below.

By selecting one of the links above, you can:


Neigbouring Mineral and Waste Planning Authorities

If you live on or near the boundary of Hampshire you may wish to understand what our neighbouring authorities are doing.

West Sussex County Council

Surrey County Council

Bracknell Forest Council

Wokingham Borough Council

West Berkshire Council

Wiltshire Council

Dorset County Council

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