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Hampshire Open Data

Payments to suppliers

Pending clarification from Government, payments from schools delegated budgets are not included at this stage, otherwise all relevant payments of £500 or more, net of VAT, not relating to remuneration (e.g. salaries), are listed.

In a number of instances payments of a personal nature are shown but, for Data Protection reasons, the payee name has been replaced with “Personal Payments”.

Rather than actual date of payment, the date the payment document was posted to the financial system has been used. The relevant column is headed “Posting Date”.

To assist with understanding some of the abbreviations in the Adult Services area the following has been provided. Explanations of abbreviations in other areas will be provided in due course.

Supplier contracts and tenders

This information is not yet available as open data, but will be soon. In the meantime, if you have questions about specific contracts or tendering opportunities you can find more information on our tendering web pages or you can submit a Freedom of Information request.


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