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Public, Community & School Transport

27 October – Decision Day

Proposals as to how Hampshire County Council can ensure essential transport access is maintained for the widest section of the community while meeting savings targets will be scrutinised by a cross party committee.

Consultation was carried out earlier this year to establish residents' priorities for County Council subsidies for public transport against a backdrop of overall spending reductions. Over 3000 individual responses were received across the county after questionnaires were handed out on buses, by parish councils, post offices and at passenger transport forums. Forms were also available online and over half the responses were received via the website.

The County Council needs to find £100 million savings by March 2015, and so is looking closely at the current spend of £4.7million on supporting those local bus services and ferries across Hampshire that are not commercially viable for private operators to run. A further £1million is spent on supporting community transport services, and £13.5million on the national concessionary fares scheme.


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