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What is txt4times?

txt4times is a new initiative from Hampshire County Council which allows you to check the times of the next three buses from any stop in Hampshire.

To use txt4times, simply type the stop code as a text message into your mobile phone - and send it to 84268. The cost of the service is 25p, plus your normal cost to send a text message.

bus stop sign

If the stop is a busy one, then you can also add the service number you want (leaving a space between the stop code and the number). So, for example, if you are asking for the times of buses on service 65 from Eastleigh Bus Station (stand A) your message might look like: hamdajwa 65

You will receive a message back, usually showing the next three departures from that stop (and on that service, if you added a service number). At present, timetable times are given, but it is planned to use real time information in the near future.

Hampshire County Council is starting to add signs showing the unique code to each of the 8,000 bus stops in the county, similar to the illustration to the right.

You can find the code for your local bus stop using the traveline website, Click on 'by place', then enter your address or postcode. Click on the bus stop symbol for the direction you want to travel and the code for the stop will be shown, e.g. hamdjdwg.

You may find it useful to make a note of the codes for the stops you use regularly. txt4times allows you to check your bus times before you set off on your journey.

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