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Hampshire Pension Services

Customer service


Customer Service

We provide a high quality service and have been granted Customer Service Excellence Award, for excellence in customer service.

Our Customer Charter outlines the services we provide to you as members of the Local Government Pension Scheme and the service standards you can expect from us.

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Communications Policy Statement

This document is available as a Microsoft Word document and a Adobe PDF document (you will need Microsoft Word or Acrobat Reader to view them). If you do not have access to Microsoft Word or Acrobat Reader please contact Pensions Services.


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Our Customer charter

This Charter tells you about the range of services you can expect to receive. It also tells you what we would like to receive from you, as our customer, and what to do if things go wrong.

The Charter also outlines our standards of service. They specify the maximum lengths of time in which we aim to take the action indicated.

As our service develops, we will update this Charter to reflect the changing needs of our customers.

Carolyn Williamson
Director of Corporate Resources

Delivering a high-quality, customer-focused Local Government pension service in Hampshire.


If you have a complaint then please read the complaints and appeals procedure.



Customer Service Excellence

On the 4 April 2012 Hampshire Pension Fund had a full Customer Service Excellence review. We are pleased to say, we received further certification for the next three years, subject to annual reviews.


What we say we will do

New member

Transferring into the LGPS

We will send an estimate of the benefits that the transfer value should buy for you in the LGPS within one month of all the information we need.


Current member

If you are nearing retirement age and ask us to estimate your prospective benefits, we will issue a quotation within four weeks of receiving your estimate request via your employer.



We will send details of the benefits payable to you within four weeks of receiving all the information we need from you and your employer.


Phone Statistics

Calls taken by our Pensions Customer Support Team between April 2015 and June 2015

Phone stats PCST

Total calls taken in June - 2,570

Phone stats PCST

Total calls taken in May- 2,403

April PCST phone stats

Total calls taken in April - 3,304




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