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School organisation from Hampshire County Council in Basingstoke and Deane, East Hampshire, Eastleigh, Fareham, Gosport, Hart, Havant, Isle of Wight, New Forest, Outside of Hampshire, Portsmouth, Rushmoor, Southampton, Test Valley, Winchester areas.

2. Notice is also given that Hampshire County Council intends to establish a community primary school by enlarging Park View Junior School, Pinkerton Road, Basingstoke, RG22 6RT in accordance with S19 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006. This will be through the utilisation of Park View Infant School site and buildings and extension of Park View Junior School's age range to form a primary school for ages 3-11 across the two sites. It is proposed that the primary school will open on the 1 January 2018. The Nursery provision will be part of the primary school, and admission arrangements will be unaffected.

3. The primary school will provide up to 630 places catering for pupils between the ages of 3 and 11. The school will continue to admit up to 90 pupils at the age of 4+. Pupils will be admitted to the school in accordance with the local authority's admissions policy, published each year before the date on which applications must be submitted; this includes details of the criteria to be applied in the event of over-subscription.

4. Park View Infant School currently provides education for pupils between the ages of 3-7, and has a capacity of 270 places, and the number on roll in June 2017 was 235. The school also provides provision for 3 pupils with hearing impairment.

5. The closure of Park View Infant School is being proposed following the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) published report in May 2017. This report concluded that Park View Infant School should be placed in special measures as the quality of education being provided was not sufficiently good. As a result of the Ofsted report options for improving educational outcomes at the Infant school were considered. It was concluded that the Infant School should be amalgamated with Park View Junior School which was inspected in March 2017 and judged to be a good school with good leadership. Park View Infant School and Park View Junior School share a site and it is proposed to amalgamate the two schools to form a primary school catering for pupils from age 3-11 years (including the maintained nursery).

6. Places will be available for all pupils affected by the closure of Park View Infant School (including the resourced provision) at Park View Junior School. The number on roll for both schools at June 2017 census was 505, with a total capacity of 570. Based on current numbers on roll, the total number of pupils from both schools can be accommodated on the existing school sites.

7. Applications for Year R for 2018 to Park View Infant School will be submitted in the normal way. If the decision is made to close Park View Infant School places will be available for pupils at the newly created Primary school.

8. Transport will be provided for any pupils who qualify under the authority's published policy:

9. Park View Junior School has a resourced provision for children with hearing impairment which will be expanded to 6 places following the option to close Park View Infant School. The importance of this provision is recognised, and so pupils placed in the resourced provision at Park View Infant school would continue to receive the same level of support that is currently available to them, including access to a suitably qualified teacher and other support as required within a mainstream setting to meet their individual needs. Support would continue to be provided to reflect the provision as specified within the pupils' Education, Health and Care Plans, and/or their individual education plans.

10. Within four weeks from the date of publication of these proposals, any person may object to or make comments on the proposals by sending them to Glenn Parkinson, Strategic Development Office, Children's Services Department, Elizabeth II Court, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UG (

John Coughlan, Chief Executive, Hampshire County Council

Publication date: 22 September 2017


Glenn Parkinson
Strategic Development Office
Children's Services Department Elizabeth II Court
SO23 8UG


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