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Highways – Temporary Road Closure from Hart District Council in Hart area.

Notice is hereby given that Hart District Council pursuant to arrangements made under Section 101 of the Local Government Act 1972 with Hampshire County Council in exercise of the powers of the said County Council and in exercise of the powers under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 ("the Act"), and of all other enabling powers, has made the following Order:-

Reason for Order : The Council are satisfied that traffic on the road should be restricted or prohibited because works are being or are proposed to be executed on or near the road.

Effect of Order:

All vehicles will be prohibited from proceeding along that length of Dora's Green Lane from its junction with Heath Lane to its junction with Crondall Lane, as indicated by traffic signs. The closure is necessary on safety grounds to allow for works on behalf of BT Openreach.

This Order may be cited as "The Hart District Council (Temporary Road Closure) (Dora's Green Lane, Crondall) Order 2018".

Duration of Closure:

From 26th November 2018 for a period of 6 months or until the works are completed, whichever is the sooner. (Notwithstanding the above it is expected that the closure will be required for no longer than 1 week ). The closure will be continuously enforced during the period specified.

Reasonable facilities will be provided to allow access to adjacent premises while the work is being carried out.

Alternative Route : From the northern point of closure via Heath Lane, Dippenhall Street and Crondall Lane to southern point of closure and vice versa, as indicated by traffic signs.

If you have any queries regarding the above please contact Hire-A-Lite Ltd on 01362 656906.

John Elson, Head of Technical Services & Environmental Maintenance, Hart District Council


Infrastructure Team
Technical Services
Hart District Council


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