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Estates and rural land management

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Increasingly the public sector is under pressure to provide better services by reducing costs, operating more efficiently and offering value for money. Land and property plays a fundamental role in responding to these pressures, and good management is critical to realising the full potential of your holdings and achieving your corporate priorities.

With an impressive and varied portfolio of 7,000 buildings on 1,500 sites, our highly skilled surveyors, property and rural management professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in delivering best practice within the political, legal and financial framework of the public sector. Our advice and assistance will help you effectively manage your buildings, land and green spaces, turning them into a vibrant and financially rewarding part of your portfolio.

We can assist you with:

Landlord and tenant relations

Routine management of property interests

Land management



David Jones

Rural Land and Estates Manager

01962 847801

Our impressive and varied portfolio gives us a wealth of knowledge and expertise, delivering effective estate management for the public sector.

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