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Estates management

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Estate management is critical to delivering your corporate priorities efficiently.

Our advice and assistance will help you effectively manage your land and buildings, with maximum benefit to your customers. As part of a top-performing council with a large estate of its own, we have demonstrated for many years the benefits of successful estates management. We now share our experience and expertise with other public bodies.

Increasingly the public and third sectors are under pressure to provide better services by reducing costs, operating more efficiently and offering value-for-money. Land and property plays a fundamental role in responding to these economic pressures you face and securing effective delivery of the services which the public expect. Good estate management is critical to realising the full potential of property holdings and in achieving the delivery of corporate priorities. With an impressive and varied portfolio of 7,000 buildings on 1,500 sites, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in delivering best practice within the political, legal and financial frameworks which the public sector demands. A full range of estate management services are available to your organisation, provided by our highly skilled team of surveyors and property professionals. We are experienced in balancing financial considerations with service delivery, whilst managing both public and political needs and perceptions.

Landlord and tenant relations

We have extensive experience of commercial, residential and specialist property occupations and all aspects of landlord and tenant legislation. We are able to provide expert advice on both the legal and practical application of legislation and relationship management between landlords and tenants.

Our specialism include

Routine management of property interests

Failure to monitor and proactively manage both the built and land-based estate is risky and potentially extremely costly. HCC Property Services advises on all aspects of management during the term of leases and agreements, as well as ensuring effective control of the freehold estate.

Term (or active) management relies on knowledge, expertise and experience to ensure efficiency. In the public sector this demands an understanding of the complex parameters of operation. Our team is fully conversant with the sometimes contradictory drivers for efficiency and service delivery. We’re ready to meet your challenges – for example:

Our bespoke and highly adaptable approach to estate management is client and results oriented – and our public sector heritage gives us an unrivalled understanding of your business.



David Jones

Commercial Estates Manager

01962 847801


Our impressive and varied portfolio gives us a wealth of knowledge and expertise, delivering effective estate management for the public sector.

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