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Disaster recovery solutions

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Our wealth of experience helps you return your organisation to operational status, quickly and effectively.

Major disasters such as fires, floods and storms are thankfully not an everyday occurrence, but when they do happen, HCC Property Services can provide you with sound professional support. Our dedicated surveying staff are experienced at devising cost-effective strategies to ensure your business-critical sites are back in operation as quickly as possible. Our disaster recovery team can also assist with providing alternative temporary accommodation whilst remedial works are undertaken.

An effective initial response, in the first 24 to 48 hours, is key to the successful recovery of a situation. Careful planning and co-ordination of the processes involved, in the hours immediately after the problem is reported, is vital. Our highly skilled team are ready to go at any time, 24 hours per day seven days per week.

Their services would typically include

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Our BCM arrangements sets out the recovery and smooth running of key business processes in the event of a disruption. Business interruption could result from external impacts such as supplier power outage or natural disasters, or could come from within the organisation – for example ICT failure or a loss of key staff.

We are skilled at identifying critical services to ensure that we focus on recovery of these first. We work in partnership with you to assess building-related business interruption risks, and identify the priorities for your business continuity plan.

Temporary buildings solutions

In some instances serious damage can render accommodation unusable.

Once the initial response to an incident has been dealt with, our Temporary Buildings Team can advise and assist you further in resolving accommodation issues through the design and installation of temporary buildings. We assess your particular requirements, if necessary apply for planning applications, help with procurement, liaise with utility companies and coordinate the delivery and safe erection on site.

Modular building framework contract

HCC Property Services has recently developed a Volumetric Building Framework for portable modular buildings which is open to all public authorities.

The framework offers you

Individual contracts have been awarded to four competent portable modular building companies on a competitive tender basis.

Under the framework agreement, the framework contractors are required to keep a stock of single and double modular units, which in the case of a disaster can be adapted for office, classroom or assembly hall usage at relatively short notice. This enables units to be transported to site within days of the disaster occurring providing the ability to return to full operation in the shortest available time. HCC Property Services now procures all its temporary building programme through the framework.

Fast delivery through expert teams

A few years ago the November rains caused serious flooding at a Primary School in Winchester. The extent of the damage meant that the school was uninhabitable and effectively a replacement had to be constructed on a green field site. Within six weeks a new site had been identified, a temporary school including hall and office space had been erected and were occupied by 350 pupils and staff.



Peter Fursman

Property Manager (Schools)

01962 847801


I am writing to convey our thanks for the co-operation of your staff during that unfortunate incident. They assisted my site staff by making phone calls and helping to evacuate the main building and silencing the alarm panel. I would also like to take the opportunity to add that their work here is being undertaken most efficiently and tidily. Thank you for all the work you and your colleagues put in to organise it all for us. We have continually been impressed by the way you have supported us in terms of advice, efficiency and speed, making our jobs sustainable.

Tony Exton
Business Manager

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