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Whether you’re buying, selling, leasing or managing a property, our professional surveyors can help you make sound and informed property decisions.

Our surveyors are ready to advise on all property and construction matters – whether you’re interested in the condition of a building, the quality of workmanship or the cost of building works. We offer acquisition surveys, support with lease agreements and advice on the management and demolition of buildings. Our trusted expertise is often used by solicitors, trading standards officers and the police when expert evaluation of a building is needed in court.

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Martin Kent

Head of Property Management

01962 847801


As a result of your comprehensive report dealing with the building work, he has pleaded guilty to the charges. There will therefore not need to be a court hearing, which in itself will represent a considerable financial saving. Another successful case will send a further message to those involved in low quality / high cost building works.

Hampshire Police

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