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We deliver award-winning, flexible public IT solutions hosted from highly efficient, modern and ‘green’ data centres.

HCC's IT department, Hampshire IT, continues to be a leader in the public sector with over 20 years of innovative design – delivering good value, efficient and integrated IT solutions. Our not-for-profit ethos and the breadth and quality of our resources enable us to design and manage solutions that meet any public sector need. We can help you to deliver more for less and adopt new ways of working. Indeed, many of our services have received national awards.

Flexible managed office IT

Public bodies are taking a fresh look at the space available in their buildings, and the way their valuable staff are using their time. More and more authorities are recognising that any strategic review of assets must take full account of new technology solutions – many of which can be integrated with a property review to save precious space and staff time.

Our transformational IT solutions support councils, schools, and a wide range of public sector partners and communities.

Our managed services include:

Connecting communities online

As more and more of the UK gains access to the internet, the demand for online public services is growing rapidly.

An up-to-date IT service is the ultimate tool for providing maximum accessibility and convenience to your customers. For most authorities, it now forms a major part of the customer access strategy.

Our unrivalled experience in internet services for public sector bodies, community organisations, schools and others, enables us to deliver best value in:

‘Hantsweb’ is one of the UK’s most popular public sector websites, connecting with over 500,000 Hampshire citizens, visitors and businesses every month.

Our Public Service Network (HPSN2) extends public services to cities, towns and rural communities in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and beyond. This cost effective wide area voice and data network provides significant economies of scale in best value computing, phones and mobile services.

Value for money shared services

The current economic conditions require the public sector to exploit shared services to deliver efficiency and joined up government. Our IT solutions can link you with your partner organisations and provide your customers with a network of public services, removing the barriers between one authority and another.

Integrating IT services between two or more authorities is also a fast-track to streamlined processes and cashable savings. Our in-house specialists can help you improve services to the public and make internal systems more efficient.

Hampshire IT delivers solutions for HR and payroll to district councils, and provides payroll solutions for many schools and colleges. For Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service we provide HR, finance and procurement services, and we provide web and business applications for a wide range of public organisations.

Experts in public sector consultancy

HCC’s award-winning IT team provides independent, proactive, professional, flexible and experienced ‘in-house’ consultancy service to all council departments and partner organisations.

We deliver high quality, impartial consultancy, working with customers to agreed budget and timescales to provide innovative and good value IT solutions.

Understanding how the public sector works, Hampshire IT has a proven track record of integrating tailored business applications with low cost networks.



Andrew Coombes

IT Business Partner

01962 846056


HCC’s low cost and flexible IT services work more flexibly.

Sandy Hopkins
Chief Exec
Havant Borough Council and East Hants District Council

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