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Building projects can be costly – but our collaborative procurement solutions and project delivery arrangements will help release cashable savings.

In today’s unprecedented times it is vital that client organisations work together and utilize procurement arrangements such as frameworks, which optimise economies of scale and achieve ongoing efficiency savings. Our procurement services team, which also leads regional and national procurement workstreams, has developed a comprehensive suite of arrangements which will enable public sector organisations to deliver all types of projects and services.

Reliable frameworks, processes and tools

On offer are a range of contractor, specialist frameworks and arrangements which can tackle any type of construction work, infrastructure project or major maintenance work and related service:

Trust and peace of mind

All arrangements are subject to rigorous quality control throughout the procurement process and during the time when services are provided. Proactive framework management is an essential ingredient of the suite of arrangements on offer. Procurement Services employs an expert team to support clients with individual call-off and during key stages of project or service development. This ensures:

Performance management

All our arrangements are subject to a rigorous performance management regime. Data is captured across a range of key performance indicators which is used to drive a continuous improvement process. This ensures that the services provided are of the highest quality, and that learning is captured to constantly develop the arrangements. This has key advantages:

Ongoing development

We constantly strive to improve the range of services on offer and are always developing new leading edge products and best practice services. We work closely with colleagues from around the country sharing best practice development for procurement and supply chain management with other councils. We are harnessing learning from colleagues in every region and are using this to develop the next generation procurement arrangements.

We are also working with colleagues in central government to devise a suite of arrangements that will fit with the new capital and assets agenda. This will result in new and highly innovative procurement arrangements to fit with such challenging agenda.



David Corcoran

Strategic Manager

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Keith Heard

Regional Programmes Manager

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We have a golden opportunity to use the power of councils by acting together to both further improve and spread best practice and thereby raise the performance bar and critically, to become a stronger voice with central government and the private sector.

Andrew Smith
Chief Executive
Hampshire County Council

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