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Planning Applications - Statutory Public Notice (week ending 30 November 2012)

Planning Applications from Test Valley Borough Council in Test Valley area.

The Council has received the applications listed below which require advertising under one of the above Acts:-

12/02571/LBWN - Replacement of wooden exterior rear door like for like. Replacement of roof tiles on part of rear elevation with handmade tiles - Jasmine Cottage Biddesden Bottom Road Appleshaw

12/01920/FULLN - Change of use from agricultural to garden land (retrospective) - Orchard Cottage Down Road Kimpton

12/02434/LBWN - Remove 3 Crittal windows, 2 at rear of cottage, 1 to the side. Remove secondary glazing. Replace with wood framed windows using slimlite double gazing in a style similar to existing wood framed windows - Patches The Green Amport

12/02455/FULLN - Proposed tennis court - Bank Farm House Vernham Dean Andover

12/02513/FULLN and 12/02514/LBWN - Removal of existing external umbrellas and construction of new glazed pergola, insertion of new structural timber post to external canopy - White Hart Inn High Street Stockbridge

12/02515/FULLN and 12/02516/LBWN - Erection of a two storey rear extension - Bluebell Farm Cottage Penton Lane Penton Grafton

12/02517/FULLN - Construction of single storey extension to existing pool room building - Riverside Cottage Bransbury Barton Stacey

12/02521/FULLN - Conversion of ancillary retail floor space to four flats and one commercial unit for use within either classes A1 (shops), A2 (Financial and Professional Services), A3 (Restaurants and cafes) or A5 (Hot Food Take Aways) of the Use Classes Order. - 64 High Street Andover Hampshire

12/02534/FULLN - Extend porch to provide downstairs wc - 3 Woodwalk Cottages Woodwalk Longparish

12/02539/FULLN - Change use of disused agricultural silage clamp to caravan storage site - Haydown Farm East Cholderton Andover

12/02545/FULLN and 12/02546/LBWN - Provision of firebox in existing fireplace and erection of replacement chimney and pot - Box Cottage Biddesden Bottom Road Redenham

12/02026/FULLS - Retrospective application to erect two mobile horse field shelters - Land North Of Stockbridge Road Timsbury Romsey

12/02244/FULLS - Retrospective planning for access via an existing gate from A3057 - Land North Of Stockbridge Road Timsbury Romsey

12/02245/FULLS - Retrospective planning for erection of wooden post + rail fencing and erection and rotation of electric fencing - Land North Of Stockbridge Road Timsbury Romsey

12/02318/FULLS - The use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes for 1 gypsy pitch together with the formation of additional hard standing and building to provide utility/dayroom ancillary to that use - Bridle View Stockbridge Road Timsbury

12/02423/FULLS - Single storey extensions to house - Drayton Lodge Houghton Road North Houghton

12/02493/FULLS - Stable extension and detached garage - Luzborough Cottage 172 Botley Road Romsey

12/02522/LBWS - Reinstate original front door opening with small porch above and replace stain glass bay windows with plain glass - 9 West Dean Salisbury SP5 1JA

12/02524/FULLS - Change of use from village hall to office with as little alteration to the fabric as possible. The exterior is to be maintained as existing. - East Tytherley Village Hall Lockerley Road East Tytherley

12/02540/FULLS - Incorporation of the Oxfam bookshop into the main Bradbeers store, creating a link through to the new retail space behind which was granted planning permission under Ref : 12/00431/FULLS, associated changes to shop frontage - 5 And 7 Corn Market And Smith Bradbeer + Co Ltd, 14-20 Bell Street Romsey

12/02562/LBWS - Hand painted sign on south facing wall under archway to Comley Court - Bell House 32 Bell Street Romsey

The applications are available for public inspection at Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, SP10 3AJ and on our website Any comments about an application should be received by the Council by 21st December 2012 and will be available for both inspection and copying.

In the event of an appeal against the refusal of planning permission in relation to a householder application, which is to be dealt with on the basis of representations in writing, any representations made about the application will be sent to the Secretary of State and there will be no further opportunity to comment at appeal stage

Paul Jackson, Head of Planning and Building

30th November 2012


Paul Jackson


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