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Highway Maintenance

Reporting a road problem: what service you can expect from us?

What happens when you report a road problem?

Whether you report the problem online, in writing, by email or by phone your report is logged to our enquiry system and allocated to the Highways Engineer responsible for the area in question. A site visit may be required before taking further action.

What happens if the County Council is not responsible for the problem?

If we are not responsible for the problem, we will tell you who is and how to contact them.

How long will it take us to inspect and/or fix a reported problem?

The time we take to respond to a reported problem is based on its severity, the risk it poses to road users and other workload priorities.

Will I get an acknowledgement or confirmation of any action taken?

We will provide you with a unique reference number so that you can follow up progress on the problem that you have reported. You will be able to view progress using our online "Track It" page.

How will adverse weather affect things?

During adverse weather conditions resource will be diverted to deal with emergencies and this may affect our ability to meet some of our service standards.

See our Reporting a Defect - Service Standards document for further details.


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