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Highway Maintenance

Non Illuminated Traffic Sign Materials & Construction

1. Introduction

1.1 This policy covers non-illuminated traffic signs which may be regulatory, warning, direction signs or advice and information signs placed by Highway Authority for highway purposes.

2. Relevant Legislation

2.1 The provisions of the Traffic Signs Regulation and General Direction (TSRD) apply.

3. Policy

3.1 The County Council as Highway Authority shall ensure that:

3.2 Sign faces shall be comprised of a class 1 High Illumination, retro reflective material complying with BS873 Part 6.

3.3 Aluminium shall not be used for sign faces less than 1.1m2 and, where there is a history of damage or theft of signs, consideration shall be given to the use of anti theft devices or using low value materials for the larger signs.

3.4 Construction of non illuminated signs shall be carried out in accordance with Hampshire County Council’s standard details.

3.5 Any signs mounted on posts on high speed roads may require appropriate safety fence protection in accordance with TD 19/06. Alternatively, a passive sign post may be considered.

3.6 Where possible, signage shall utilise existing sign posts where appropriate.

Version No:   1.1

Effective from:   14/10/2010

If copied or printed, this document should be treated as uncontrolled and correct only at the date it was copied or printed.


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