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Highway Maintenance

Highway Structures Policy

15. Accident Damage To Highway Structures

Chief Engineers – Highway Units are responsible for carrying out initial Special Inspections of accident damage and for arranging any immediate measures necessary to ensure public safety.

All accident damage shall be reported to the Chief Bridge Engineer without undue delay. Where damage to the structure is considered to affect the strength and/or integrity of the structure the Chief Engineer – Highway Unit shall immediately request a Bridge Client Special Inspection.

Where a bridge is maintained by Railtrack Plc any damage must be reported to the Railtrack S Western Zonal Control, Tel 0171 928 2090, which have authority to halt trains if necessary to allow inspection of the damage (or for bridges in Emsworth, South Central Zonal Control, Tel 0181 680 5404).

16. Low Bridges

16.1 The Department of Transport’s definition of a low bridge is a bridge with a headroom of less that 16’-6" (5.029 metres) over the carriageway. The Council adopts the same definition for its ‘Highway Structures’.

Signs indicating the headroom shall be erected in accordance with Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions and the Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 4, Section 11, in connection with all bridges where the clearance over any part of the carriageway is less than 16’-6" (5.029 metres).

Version No:   1.0

Effective:   From - 21/04/2004

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