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Highway Maintenance

Highway Structures Policy

11. Ancient Monuments, Listed Bridges, Bridges In Conservation Areas And Other Bridges Of Historic Interest

11.1 Any works to Ancient Monuments shall be referred to English Heritage for Scheduled Monument Consent.

11.2 Works involving demolition or alteration to bridges classified as Listed Buildings or located in Conservation Areas require prior consent from English Heritage following an application made through the Local District Planning Officer.

11.3 Consultations shall be held with the Local Planning Authority and the historic buildings sections of the Environment Department or the County Architect’s Department as appropriate for work on Ancient Monuments, listed Bridges, Bridges in Conservation Areas, Bridges listed in part 4 of ‘Hampshire Buildings of Architectural Interest’ and other bridges known to have been built before 1914.

11.4 Bridge Procedure BP21 sets out the detailed procedure for work on Historic Structures and structures in Conservation Areas, Sites of Special Scientific Interest or the New Forest.

12. Seismic/Vibroseis Surveys

No seismic or vibroseis survey work is to be carried out within 30 metres of any highway construction.

Version No:   1.0

Effective:   From - 21/04/2004

If copied or printed, this document should be treated as uncontrolled and correct only at the date it was copied or printed.


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