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Highway Maintenance

Applications for licences and permits

If you want to place an object on or around a road or pavement, you must apply for the correct licence or permit. This includes:

Licence fees

Fees are payable for highway licences and permits.

Skips and scaffolding licences

Licences for skips and scaffolding are applied for on your behalf by the firm carrying out the work. Members of the public cannot apply for these licences themselves.

Skip licence

To help the County Council process licences as quickly as possible, we maintain a register of approved skip and  hire companies. These are firms who have provided evidence that they hold valid public liability insurance.  Inclusion on the register does not imply endorsement of the company or its services by the County Council.

Any firm or company can apply to be placed on the register of approved skip hire companies:

Apply online to be placed on the register of approved skip hire companies
(note: you will need an electonic copy of your certificate of public liability insurance)

Apply online to place a skip on the highway (approved skip companies only - see above).

Alternative to online: apply by post to place a skip on the highway - print this form and send it to us

List of current approved skip companies

Scaffolding licence

Please print this form and send it to us Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 186kb

Other licences and permits

All licences are available for specified periods, please see conditions of individual licences. If you are unsure which licence to use please contact us for advice.

There are two ways to apply for a licence from Hampshire County Council:

If permitted by law, the costs incurred by Hampshire County Council in dealing with the licence application can be recovered and there will be a charge on the applicant.

The required level of Public Liability Insurance for all licences is currently £10 million pounds.  

Some other licences are the responsibility of local district, borough or city Councils

Contact details for all the above:
Contact details - highways functions and district councils


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