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Highway Maintenance

Licence to temporarily make an excavation in the public highway (s171) - Summary of Conditions

  1. The applicant shall read these notes, the conditions overleaf and any special conditions attached.
  2. The licence shall only be granted to the individual or firm making the application.  It cannot be transferred to any other person or firm.

  3. The applicant shall complete parts 1 to 5 below and the whole application shall be returned to the address shown above.

  4. The declaration shall be signed in the presence of a witness.

  5. A fee will be charged to cover administration of the licence and to ensure compliance with the conditions. In the event of the works being cancelled after the application form has been submitted an administration fee will be charged to the applicant to cover administrative costs. No refunds shall be given for a licence withdrawn for failure to comply with the terms and conditions.

The applicant will need to include the following documents with the completed application form.


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