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Highway Maintenance

Cultivation Licence Conditions

  1. The applicant shall read all notes and conditions relating to the licence

  2. The precise location of the area to be cultivated must be stated.  The applicant shall also supply a plan which clearly identifies the area to be cultivated which shall be shaded or outlined in red.

  3. An application can only be made to cultivate part of the public highway adjacent to premises occupied or owned by the applicant.

  4. The applicant must be the owner, or occupier of the premises adjoining the part of the public highway to be cultivated.

  5. The applicant shall complete parts 1 to 5 below (see printable form) and the whole application shall be returned to the Highways Office .

  6. The applicant shall include proof of holding at least £10 million public liability insurance with the application. See condition  4 (overleaf)

  7. A fee will be charged for the administration of this licence. Cheque must be crossed and made payable to Hampshire County Council.  No refunds shall be given for a withdrawn licence.


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