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Highway Maintenance

Maintenance of road verges

Cutting road verges (grass, trees and shrubs)

Maintenance (cutting) of grass, shrubs and trees within highway boundaries is Hampshire County Council’s responsibility. However,

For more detail about the different organisations involved, see the table below. For information about tree maintenance, see the second table.

Frequency of verge cutting in rural areas

Rural Verge Cutting is managed by Hampshire Highways Area Offices.

Twice a year, we cut the grass on rural highway verges along a strip one metre wide from the edge of the road.  The first cut is carried out in late spring, typically between April and June, and the second in late summer, typically between August and October.  Exact timings within these windows depend on where each locality features in our programme.

In addition, we cut the grass at junctions and in front of road signs to ensure sight lines are maintained, throughout the summer as needed.

Some specific areas of rural verge are sites of ecological interest.  The grass at these sites may be cut at different times or frequencies to allow certain flora to seed.

The remaining areas of verge are cut about once every three years in order to prevent them from becoming overgrown.

Other responsibilities

Hedges and trees growing along boundaries with the highway are usually the responsibility of the adjoining land-owner, even on the highway side. We (Hampshire County Council in all areas) have powers to enforce adjoining landowners’ responsibilities to maintain their vegetation, if necessary.

Non-highway public areas such as public open spaces and recreation grounds are the responsibility of the district/borough councils. Maintenance of grass, shrubs and trees in these areas is carried out by the district/borough councils.

Verge maintenance on Motorways and Trunk Roads and on any road in Southampton and Portsmouth is not Hampshire County Council’s responsibility.

Highway grass and shrub maintenance

Highway tree maintenance

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