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Road Safety

Driver Skills Scheme 60+


Why should you have your driving appraised?

Driving is the most dangerous activity that most people take part in. A slight increase in awareness or improvement in skills is all it takes to make you safer.

Mature drivers generally have fewer accidents than young drivers. However, as people grow older gradual changes take place which mean their ability to deal safely with some situations diminishes. A professional driving assessor will be able to identify any unnecessary risk in your driving and help to correct this. Our aim is to help people stay safe on the road for as long as possible.

Who should attend?

This scheme is aimed at people aged 60 years and over who have an interest in updating their skills and knowledge, want help in adapting to a new vehicle or simply want to gain confidence.

What does the appraisal offer?

This is an informal and confidential appraisal with the aim of enhancing current skills. It is not a test so there is no pass or fail element. The assessor looks at the way the driver deals with various traffic situations on roads that he or she normally drives on and makes recommendations to help ensure ongoing safety.

Where is the appraisal held?

The appraisal takes place from the person’s home, using their own car, and delivered by specially selected and trained Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) who have a good understanding of the needs of experienced drivers.

How much does it cost?

The appraisal lasts around one and a half hours and costs just £35.00

How to book the appraisal

For Hampshire residents, to request a driving appraisal, please call 01962 846100 or email You can pay online for an appraisal at The Road Safety Team will then contact you to book the appraisal.

If you live outside of Hampshire, please contact your local authority. Details can be found at


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