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Rights of Way

The definitive map

The definitive map and statement is the County Council’s legal record of public rights of way in Hampshire. It shows public

There may be public rights of way that are not shown on the map.

A page from the definitive map

The definitive map and statement are held by our Chief Executive, and can be seen during normal working hours. The relevant date of the definitive map and statement is 15 December 2007 and its official title is 'The Hampshire Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way''. We are unable to provide photocopies of the map.

Definitive Statements are

View the definitive statements for your parish.

The definitive map and statement do not reflect changes made to the public rights of way network, since 15 December 2007. Information on changes is kept in the Rights of Way Office. If you want to see the definitive statement, please telephone 0300 555 1391 for an appointment (normal office hours - 9:00am to 4:30pm). We would ask that you give at least 24 hours notice.

Changes to the definitive map and statement can only be made by a legal order, which allows for public participation on the proposed change


Definitive map online

Hampshire's first new definitive map for 44 years. Easier to use, larger scale, more widely available and up-to-date.

View the definitive map online (pdf)

Legal event orders

Legal event orders update the definitive map to show changes that have taken place each year since 2008.

View the Legal Event Orders

Paper copies of the definitive map

Copies of the definitive map for District Council areas can be found at

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