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Rights of Way

Creating new Rights of Way

It is important that our rights of way network meets the needs of the people who may wish to use them, and we are currently producing Rights of Way Improvement Plans for the County.

We will approach landowners in an attempt to secure dedications of new rights of way where a need is identified. We may also receive offers from landowners of dedications and will accept new rights of way that are of benefit to the public. We will pay the landowner's reasonable legal costs in connection with any voluntary dedications.

Once the dedication of a path Microsoft Word 67kB has been accepted by the County Council we will become responsible for the signing and maintaining the path.

Where it is not possible to obtain the voluntary dedication of a right of way for which there is a proven need, the County Council has the power to create a new right of way even if it is against the wishes of a landowner. Compensation may be payable to those owning the land over which the right of way is created. District Councils also have power to make creation orders.

New rights of way can also come about through the planning process.


New route being opened by the County Council

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