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Rights of Way

Current Orders - Making representations or objections

You can view details of all temporary closure, definitive map modification and public path orders, as well as any notices relating to town or village green applications on our public notices pages.

Making representations or objections

Please state clearly the path to which your representation relates. Make clear whether you are merely making a comment, or whether you wish your representations to be treated as a formal objection to the application. If you are making a formal objection please ensure that you state the grounds on which you object. Representations which are not relevant may be disregarded and an order for costs may be made by the Secretary of State against anyone who persists in maintaining an irrelevant objection

Representations cannot be made using our online facility after the expiry date. Representations made after that date by other means may not be taken into consideration before the proposed change is implemented.

Your representation will be acknowledged, but we will not enter into any further correspondence about your representation until after the expiry date. You will hear from us, or from the Secretary of State, but this may be some time after your representation is received.

Any representation or objection that you make become part of a formal legal process which may result in the order being sent to the Secretary of State for a decision. We welcome representations and objections if they are genuine and relevant.

This is a public process. Representations and objections, and the name and addresses of the persons making them, will be available for public inspection.


Make your representation

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