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Rights of Way

Temporary Closures

Details of all temporary closures currently in force will appear on our public notices pages.

Please note that this page does not contain information relating to Traffic Regulation Orders, which are made under Section 1 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Public rights of way should always be open for use. Some rights of way may be closed for short periods to allow work to be carried out or to protect public safety. You can use our online maps to find out if a path is temporarily closed.

Rights of way must not be closed or restricted without our consent. If you are intending to undertake any activity that might affect a public right of way please contact us, tel 01962 846981.


Guidance Notes

We may make a temporary closure order if we are satisfied that:

  • works are being, or are proposed to be, executed on or near the right of way, or
  • there is a potential danger to the public or the likelihood of serious damage to the right of way, or
  • the right of way should be closed, or its use restricted, to facilitate the holding of a special event, such as a sporting or social event.


  • For a period of closure of up to six months, with at least 42 days notice:£540*
  • For a period of closure of up to six months, with less than 42 days notice:  £616*
  • Emergency Closure (maximum of 21 days and for safety reasons only):£292
  • Extension of closures beyond six months (granted by Secretary of State) £540

*An additional amount will be charged if a site visit by an HCC officer is necessary.

The above prices are in addition to the cost of advertising the temporary closure in the local press. Advertising costs may be in the region of £200 per closure. No payment is required when submitting the application, please wait for the invoice to follow.

Period of closure:

  • We can authorise the closure of a right of way (including any required extension orders) for up to six months. In the event that the closure needs to be extended for a longer period, the Secretary of State for Transport may subsequently authorise an extension (please see above for costs).

Please contact us in plenty of time if it becomes apparent that works will not be completed on time. Additional costs will be payable for any extensions to temporary closure orders to cover officer time and advertising.

We will require you to:

  • Liaise with the rights of way team for the proposed closure. You will need to agree the period of closure, the extent of the path being closed, alternative arrangements for the public and, if appropriate, the reinstatement of the path;
  • provide an alternative route where possible;
  • complete all parts of the application form;
  • notify anyone who uses the path to get access to adjacent property;
  • provide a contact name and telephone no. (which may be displayed on notices or given to the public);
  • display notices and map at the ends of the path(s) to be closed and maintain them there until works are complete and return one copy of the notice(s) endorsed that they were posted.  We will normally send you copies of the notices and map via e-mail but if this presents a problem, please let us know;
  • minimise the disruption caused to local users by the closure;
  • re-open the right of way as soon as a temporary closure expires or is no longer needed, remove notices, reinstate the path to an acceptable standard, and inform us that the path is open. You will be responsible for the cost of reinstatement.

PLEASE NOTE: if notices are not maintained on site during the closure period, we reserve the right to replace the notices and levy a charge.


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