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Safer Places

Safer Places

The Safer Places scheme aims to provide vulnerable people, and particularly those with a learning disability, with a safe place to go to where help can be summoned if they are feeling scared or upset while out on their own in the community.

Hampshire is a safe place to live in and visit but unfortunately, sometimes, vulnerable people might be victims of bullying or harassment when they go out. There might also be occasions when they become lost or separated from their carer or simply disorientated.

Vulnerable people can request a card where they can write their name and the phone number of their trusted person(s) from their local co-ordinator (below). They carry this card with them and if needed, they can show this card to the Safe Place staff who will make the phone call for them to someone they trust, who will either come and collect them or advise them on what they need to do.

The Safe Places in the scheme are easily identified by the yellow logo displayed in the front window.

Contact details for the schemes are as follows


safer places scheme

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