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School Landscapes Strategies

Schools Landscape Programme

About the Programme
A strategic plan supports partnership working

The programme was set up in 1992 with the equivalent of three full-time landscape architects and has since gained wide recognition for the ground-breaking work it has achieved.

The central philosophy of the programme is based on two principles of supporting schools:

  • To take an in-depth view of the whole site

  • To involve the whole school on the planning and decision making process.

Video clip: Hear a Headteacher explaining the value of wider involvement

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The Schools Landscape Programme information sheet may be helpful when sharing information about the programme with other members of your school community.

Download Schools Landscape Programme Information Sheet Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 127kb


The aim of the programme is to support schools in the development of a clear, strategic vision for the improvement of your school grounds followed by guidance and advice towards specific changes.

Our Approach

The Schools Landscape Programme adopts an inclusive approach, opening up the process so that it engages young people and all sections of the school community.

It is essential to give everyone in the school community an opportunity to be involved: pupils, staff, parents, governors and neighbours.


  • Because they all hold key information and knowledge about the grounds from different points of view.

  • Because giving everyone a chance to be involved puts ownership of the project with the school. The whole-site strategy is more sustainable in the longer term if this happens.

  • This approach achieves solutions that consider the needs of all users.


Working in Partnership
School Grounds Steering Group

The success of the whole process relies on the development of a close collaboration between each school and the Schools Landscape Programme.

In order to give everyone the opportunity to be involved and to participate, there are two key components to the process:

  • A grounds Steering Group which has representatives from all sectors of the school community

Download a School grounds Steering Group information sheet. Microsoft Word 298kb

Download a clear step by step process Microsoft Word 43kb



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