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School Landscapes Strategies

Schools Landscape Programme

Process of working

Step by step process

The process of developing a whole site strategy involves 7 stages:

1 – Introductory Briefing

Schools who are interested in a whole site planning approach contact the Schools Landscape Programme to register their interest in attending. Following the briefing each school who is joining the forthcoming programme will arrange an initial visit from one of the teams Landscape Architects.

2 – Planning Meeting

This key meeting follows the initial visit. It is the first opportunity for your Landscape Architect Advisor and Steering Group to meet and plan the way forward

3 – Gathering Information

Each school undertakes activities such as questionnaires and walkabouts. This information is summarised in a way that allows it to be shared with others.

4 – Residency

The Landscape Architect spends one or more days as a ‘resident' at the school, meeting various groups and representatives and becoming familiar with the site and the key points that have arisen from the information gathering.

5 – Site Evaluation

Using the information fed back during the Residency, the Landscape Architect prepares a site evaluation report . This resource enables the school to share its findings as widely as possible so that everyone involved has a deeper understanding of the issues and opportunities before planning change.

Download an extract from an evaluation (Microsoft Word Document, 997kb) Microsoft Word 997kb

6 – Exploring options

Using the findings from the Evaluation, this stage, also known as 'Zoning', explores broad options in terms of the layout and arrangement of spaces, resolving any site planning problems and indicating opportunities. There may be several options if there are complex issues to find solutions for.

Download a 'Zoning Plan' example (Adobe Acrobat Document, 684kb) Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 684kb

7 – Strategy

This illustrates, in broad terms, the agreed layout and represents the long term vision. It outlines the aims and objectives for each element of the grounds strategy as well as setting down priorities.

Download a 'Secondary school Whole Site Strategy Plan' example (Adobe Acrobat Document, 1,902kb) Image 2mb

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Implementing your strategy

Once you have completed the process, and have a strategy plan and document in place, there is a variety of support and advice available to help you realise your vision for your school grounds.


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