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Overview and Scrutiny

Scrutiny Review Archive

View the final published reports for completed scrutiny reviews.

2011 reviews

  • Falls Review Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 403kb

    The Falls Review aimed understand better the drivers of demand behind the falls figures provided by the South Central Ambulance Service and what proactive and active measures are in place within health and social care services to mitigate or reduce the level of demand and the associated costs to the system.

    The panel recommended:

    That NHS Hampshire work together with providers of health and social care to develop an integrated falls and bone health strategy to meet agreed local needs and priorities as well as the DoH criteria for a ‘good’ strategy including an action plan for delivery.

    That NHS Hampshire work together with providers of health and social care to update existing service specifications and care pathways to ensure the integration of services that clearly set out the roles, handover protocols and responsibilities for different partners, as indicated in the DoH criteria for a good strategy. This work will take account of the examples of good practice identified in this document.

  • Road Works Review

    The findings of the Review Panel included a number of recommendations. The Environment and Transportation Select Committee will be following up responses to the recommendations at future committee meetings.

    The Review Panel's recommendations can be found in the Road Works final report.


2010 reviews

  • South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS): Review of Rural Performance Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 104kb

    A Joint Review Group was appointed to scrutinise ambulance response times in depth. The Joint Review Group came to the view that there is a ‘two-tier’ ambulance service across rural and urban areas that is caused primarily by the way that the SCAS responds to the nationally determined standards for response times and the way that they are monitored and reported.

  • Joint Review of Therapy Services for Children with Special Educational Needs Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 2mb

    The review panel recommended the following:

    That a strategy is jointly developed between the key stakeholders (NHS commissioners, CS, Schools and Therapy providers) to deliver a sustainable, fair and transparent model of high quality, integrated therapy support in all parts of the county.

    That no parent should be disadvantaged by their social context or ability to negotiate the ‘system’, therefore it is recommended that effective support should be offered to all parents to help resolve concerns about their children and their education;

    That urgent consideration should be given to ensuring that each parent of a child identified with special educational needs, is allocated a named lead professional who will help the parent understand and access the system when needed, and will ensure appropriate, timely responses are provided.

  • Flooding Review

    This review sought to assess the partnership working underpinning current flood risk management and flood prevention arrangements in Hampshire, together with performance since the 2007 floods

    The recommendation was that Hampshire County Council Emergency Planning Unit, (in conjunction with its Hampshire Flood Response Group partners), subject to funding being identified, explores options for producing for all County, District and Borough Councillors a current handbook which contains information for use in a flooding emergency, including key agencies, roles and responsibilities of such agencies and useful contact numbers / websites.'

  • Severe Winter Weather review

    The findings of the Review Panel, including a number of recommendations, were presented to Cabinet on 27 September 2010. The Policy and Resources Select Committee will be following up responses to the recommendations at future committee meetings.

  • Engaging with Older People Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 244kb

    The review group recommended that consideration be given as to how engagement activities can be co-ordinated across service providers and departments in the County Council. This will help reduce the risk of duplicated work The County Council should also consider publishing at appropriate periods what the Council has learned from its engagement with local people different ways of providing this information to different communities.


2009 reviews

  • Hard to Reach Review

    The Hard to Reach review was intended to provide greater clarity around Hard to Reach and to make recommendations in support of all Hampshire residents, including the 'hard to reach', being able and enabled to learn about all services available to them at point of need, and to access them.

  • Review of Recruitment and Retention of Teachers and Head teachers in Hampshire Schools

    This review was motivated by a combination of factors, including a recognition of the importance of high quality leadership in schools, the fact that 40% of headteachers were expected to retire within 5 years, the critical importance of succession planning and insuring that Hampshire was in a position to attract high quality teachers and headteachers.

  • Road Infrastructure and Housing Growth

    This review aimed to make transparent the ways in which road infrastructure needs and development proposals are predicted and planned for, and whether this could be improved.

    Response from the Executive Member for Environment


2008 reviews


2007 reviews

  • End of life care review

    This review has been initiated at the request of the Executive Member for Adult Services. Care at End Of Life is a complex and emotive issue that embraces a wide range of service providers. In recognition of this the working group comprises of six Health Overview Scrutiny Committee members, two members of the Adult Services Policy Review Committee (which scrutinises adult services on behalf of the county council), a Primary Care Trust Chairman and a leading clinician from the area. This group has been delegated the powers of the Health Overview Scrutiny Committee for the purposes of this review and will exercise these accordingly. Evidence and feedback will be sought from a number of stakeholders including the National Health Service, Adult Services, the voluntary sector and patients groups.

  • Library review

    The purpose of this review was to evaluate progress of the Hampshire Library and Information Service against a background of, typically, national decline in the use of libraries and borrowing.

    Executive Member for Recreation & Heritage response - March 2008

  • Review of Current Scrutiny Arrangements at HCC

    The current arrangements for the local government overview and scrutiny function at Hampshire County Council were set up in Autumn 2006. In July 2007 the Policy and Resources Select Committee decided it would be appropriate to review these arrangements to ensure that they were operating effectively.

  • Review of Education Provision for Deaf and Hearing Impaired children

    This scrutiny review was undertaken to look at proposals to restructure education provision for deaf and hearing impaired children in Hampshire.  The review was particularly concerned to understand the differing approaches to educating children with hearing impairment and to come to a view on the practical benefits and strengths and weaknesses of each.

  • Review of Outdoor and Field Studies Centres

    The purpose of this review was to better understand, in the context of increased pressure on departmental budgets, the funding arrangements around the provision of Hampshire County Council's outdoor and field study centres.

    Executive Member for Policy & Resources Decision Sheet on Outdoor Centres Review

  • Review of Procurement and Replacement of furniture and fittings

    Hampshire County Council Policy and Resources Select Committee undertook a review of the Council's approach to the procurement and replacement of furniture and fittings.

    The review was conducted by a small sub-group of the Select Committee and took place in light of a major refurbishment of the Council's Ashburton Court buildings and of recent Central Government guidance on sustainable procurement.

  • Scrutiny of Corporate Parenting: Development and Delivery of a Pledge for Children in Care

    Predicated on the ‘Care Matters’ White Paper, this review considered the paper’s key concerns and its expectation that local authorities would develop a ‘pledge’ for children in their care.  The review identified areas that would benefit from strengthening, including the development of a more effective complaints process, and committed to monitoring progress against the elements of the pledge.


2006 reviews

  • Bus Subsidy Ranking Mechanisms

    This half day workshop session sought to scrutinise the County Council’s new bus subsidy ranking mechanism, which would be applied to all new bus service contracts, as per the requirement set out in the local transport plan.

    Response from the Executive Member for Environment Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 96kb

  • Motorway diversion routes review

    The Environment and Transport Select Committee expressed an interest in the Motorway Diversion Routes, and held a workshop on the subject in December 2006.

  • Out of hours review

    Out-of-Hours (OOH) services became of particular interest to the Committee in 2004 following the introduction of the new GP contract and the transfer of responsibility of OOH services to PCTs. In July 2004 the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) raised a number of questions with the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) about the arrangements for these services. Since then there have been a number of changes in PCT configurations and in OOH arrangements. Therefore, in 2005 provision of OOH was identified as a topic for review by key stakeholders and agreed by the HOSC.


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