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The Clubmark symbol is used as a kite mark - allowing parents the knowledge and confidence that their children are attending a safe, quality club and ensuring that young people reach their full sporting potential. For clubs with junior sections, being registered with Clubmark is an effective way of communicating commitment to good practice, safe procedures and quality coaching.

The scheme provides a set of standard criteria, which allow clubs to evaluate where they are and help develop the club infrastructure as well as other areas such as volunteering, membership and recruitment. Clubs are assessed against four areas - Playing Programme; Duty of Care and Safeguarding Children; Knowing Your Club and its Community; Club Management.

Is your club eligible?

All sports that are recognised by Sport England can become acredited with Clubmark. There are 2 ways to attain accreditation:

1. Via National Governing Body - Some National Govering Bodies of Sport (NGBs) have created their own version of clubmark. Check Clubmark's list of current licensed NGBs - if your sport falls into this category, you will need to contact your NGB to find out how your club can get involved.

2. Via Sport Hampshire & IOW - sports that are not listed in Option 1 above but has a Sport England recognised NGB can apply for Clubmark via Sport Hampshire & IOW.

Benefits for clubs

  • Increased membership: Being able to demonstrate that you have addressed issues such as equity and child protection gives confidence to parents when choosing a club for their children.
  • Retaining members: Clubmark helps to stimulate real thought about how clubs cater for all their members. The culture it promotes boosts the morale of both players and volunteers.
  • Funding: Many funding bodies now state that applicants must be Clubmark accredited or at least working towards.
  • Developing your coaches and volunteers: As part of the accreditation scheme, you'll be given help and advice in developing the skills of everyone involved in your club.
  • Raising your club's profile: Once accredited, your club will be listed on the national database and in other sporting directories that will help you attract new members and to grow.
  • Marketing and promotion: All clubmark clubs can utilise the Clubmark logo and take advantage of other brand resourcesas well as information to help generate more publicity.
  • Links with schools: Increasingly, schools are looking for guarantees of quality and the presence of child friendly systems and procedures. Clubmark clubs are normally the first to be invited to work with local schools.
  • Developing your club: The foundation for any club is its youth structure. So, by encouraging and attracting young members, you are building a strong future for your club.

Accredited clubs

The national Clubmark database lists all accredited clubs, as well as clubs working towards accreditation.


Clubmark sets core and common criteria for sports clubs to meet in four categories:

1.  The playing programme

  • The Club provides suitable activity programme(s) for a minimum number of hours/weeks in a year, determined by the NGB which offers opportunities for player progression at all levels

  • The Club ensures all coaches understand their roles and responsibilities

  • Activity programmes are organised/led by suitably competent/qualified leaders, coaches or instructors, determined by the NGB

2.  Duty of care

  • The Club has adopted the NGB or CSP child protection policy and is working towards the procedures laid down

  • Club members and coaches are appropriately trained in Safeguarding and Child Protection

  • The Club ensures that all activities take place in a safe environment

3.  Knowing your club and its community

  • The Club engages with and understands who its current members are and where they are from

  • The Club demonstrates an awareness and appreciation of its local community

  • The Club proactively encourages new members from the local community

4.  Club management

  • The Club’s activities, premises and officers are insured

  • The Club is affiliated to its NGB

  • The Club has appropriate governing documents

  • Officials, volunteers, members and parents understand their roles and responsibilities within the Club and what is expected of them

  • The Club has a specific membership category and pricing policy for children and young people

  • The Club shows commitment to further development and outreach work

The criteria for Clubmark has been developed and agreed in cooperation with National Governing Bodies and is supported by the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) and sports coach UK.

Many clubs are finding that they have already achieved a number of the criteria, what they have not had to do before is provide hard evidence to prove that they do what they say they do. There are a lot of good clubs out there they just need to document the fact that they are good so anyone moving into the area can affectively see that clubs portfolio and witness for themselves that the club is progressive as well as safe, effective and child friendly.


To register your club for Clubmark please contact Heather Windust, Tel: 01962 846172.

You will be sent a Clubmark folder which can be used to record evidence required from the club to achieve each of the criteria listed. Once your folder is complete it will be assessed by Sport Hampshire & IOW officers.

There is also a resource pack that provides 17 templates for your club to use, which include:

  • Code of practice for club officials and volunteers

  • Guidelines for dealing with an incident/accident

  • Incident/accident report form

  • Attendance register

  • Junior membership form

  • Task descriptions for Head and Assistant Junior Coaches

  • Risk assessment form

  • Equity policy statement

  • Constitution

  • Code of practice for parents and junior members

  • Development plan

All the above templates, along with the resource pack, can be downloaded from the Clubmark website.




Nicola Wright
Sports Development Officer
01962 845163

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