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Community Games

Community GamesAlice Holt Case Study


Residents of Hampshire & IOW can help keep the Olympic and Paralympic legacy alive by organising their very own Community Games events in 2014!

Community Games feature a combination of sporting and cultural activities and they include some sort of ceremony, ideally an opening and/or closing ceremony. Community Games are driven and shaped by a community, but can be supported by a local authority or other organisation.

Watch our video to see what it's all about. Local people have the opportunity to get involved in Community Games in a number of different ways. You could become a Community Games Organiser responsible for developing and implementing an event, you could volunteer to help out at an event, you could participate in the events activities, or you could just simply come along, have fun and enjoy the event as a spectator with friends and family. Events can be anything from a ‘Crafty Community Games’ to a ‘Village Games’ - ultimately the events reflect the interests and needs of the local community.

Why should I get involved?

Community Games gives you the chance to be part of our country's Olympic legacy. It's also your chance to bring people together to try new sporting and arts activities and have loads of fun. Perhaps you'd like to do something for the kids at your local school in the summer holidays, or maybe you'd like everyone in your street to get to know each other better.

Can an existing event be a Community Games?

Yes if it includes both sporting and cultural events, and an opening/closing ceremony. If it doesn't perhaps you could plan ahead to include something extra for 2014.

If I decide to organise a Community Games will I get any help?

The short answer is 'yes, of course'. Here's a few more details of the help and support for you Yes, please find below a summary of the support available from Sport Hampshire & IOW:

  • A public facing web page to promote event details, this is linked to a post code search facility
  • Personalised postcards for each event
  • Personalised posters for each event
  • T-shirts for volunteers
  • Certificates and stickers for participants;
  • The loan of banners
  • Bunting;
  • Access to an e-learning training package for event management
  • Access to one-to-one support from experienced community event organisers
  • The loan of various equipment such as smoothie bike, portable PA system, traditional sports day and family games equipment;
  • A free Sport Hampshire & IOW Roadshow, for events expecting over 250 to attend (Subject to availability).

I'm interested - what do I do next?

Visit the Community Games site where you can find out more and express your interest, or contact Viv Chmarny on 01962 845019.

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Caterpillar Crafts Clair Martin and Helen Wishart have run a series of Community Games events in 2013 aiming to combine sporting activities with arts and crafts to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Legacy to life in local communities. Their games have taken place across the length and breadth of Hampshire to try to engage with as many communities as possible.

The Alice Holt Forest Crafty Community Games took place on 25 July 2013. The day began with an Opening Ceremony to unveil the activities that were on offer. Families were then encouraged to get involved and take part in the activities, which included; sports day activities (sack races/egg & spoon races/relays/3 legged races/hula hoops etc), smoothie bike, basketball, limbo, medal making, stone painting etc.

At the end of the Community Games there was a Closing Ceremony to bring the day to a close.

We had a chat with them to discuss their involvement with the Community Games programme:

What attracted you to the idea of running a Community Games?

Caterpillar Crafts purpose is to provide inclusive activities through creative outdoor learning, supporting children and young people with additional needs and their families. We thought that Community Games would fit perfectly with our projects to get more families involved in sport and the arts whatever their age or ability. We wanted to bring local people together in a fun and friendly environment and offer a taste of cultural and sporting activities available in the area. By including creative outdoor activities, offering a taster of traditional sports, and partnering with other providers, we target the harder to reach adults in participating in activities with their families.

What kind of support did you receive from SHIOW and the YMCA?

The support we received from SHIOW was fantastic! They were always happy to answer any questions and met with us on several occasions and arranged kit for long term loan which proved essential with11 events being run over the summer. We formed a great new partnership with the team from the YMCA Fairthorne. They met with us to discuss what kit would be suitable for our needs and even gave us a tour of the site. From meeting the team we then went on to deliver a Crafty Community Games on their family campsite. This has led to us wanting to partner and develop future events with them.

What do you feel yourselves and the attendees have got out of your Community Games?

Crafty Community Games has allowed us to engage with families who would not normallyparticipate. New relationships have been formed with our local communities across Hampshire and feedback received from attendees has shown the need for future events, whilst expressing how much fun can be had without breaking the bank. The idea of getting people active through traditional sports days has proved very popular with all ages and abilities.

The experience achieved by the volunteers has been second to none, each individual volunteer has gained confidence, new skills and encouraged them to get active. The support we have received from each volunteer has been incredibly valuable contributing to us being able to deliver well attended and organised events.

Caterpillar Crafts have gained new partnerships with other organisations: sports clubs, colleges and charities, leading on to future opportunities which we are very keen to pursue. The volunteers we have gained will be of a great asset for our upcoming events helping us to deliver more while creating a strong foundation to develop our business along with providing fresh ideas and ways to make next year even bigger and better. We are so grateful for this opportunity which has contributed towards a great summer for Caterpillar Crafts delivering successful Community Games.

What, if anything, would you do differently next year if you were to hold more Community Games?

The long-term kit on loan was a great option. The smoothie bike was a great crowd puller and we would like to have been able to offer this at all our events. For future, it would be great to have a long-term loan of one or nearer places to be able to collect and return.

Would you recommend running a Community Games to other people?

Yes, Community Games is for everyone, what better way to get to know your local community then with a fun interesting opportunity offered by Community Games? Get involved, learn new skills, get fit, make new friends,but most of all have fun!

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