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Judo is an Olympic sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardles of age or ability. The grading system ensures that the next goal is always realistic and achievable with effort. The grading system also ensures that regardless of their skill level, all Judo players can actively compete with players of similar ability.

Each session is an all-over workout and includes exercises that improve cardio vascular, endurance, stamina, flexibility and co-ordination. By taking part you will also benefit from learning an effective means of self-defense.

The aim of judo is to throw your opponent onto their back with control. If this is successful you win the fight. There are other ways of winning too, such as holding down your opponent. For adults you can also win by using armlocks and strangles.

How to get involved

Almost every BJA judo club in the country will offer your first judo session free of charge. Why not find you local judo club and see when they run their sessions – see below for more information.

Judo Clubs

Use the British Judo Club Finder tool to find a Judo club near you.



James Woodland
Judo Development Officer
07887 455586

Paul Hamilton
British Judo Hampshire Chairperson

Simon Lee
British Judo Hampshire Secretary