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Whether you are looking to play rugby and find a club to suit you, get started in coaching, want to referee, or volunteer in some other way, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy rugby in Hampshire. The official RFU website is crammed with information on taking part.

At Sport Hampshire & IOW we provide:

Play Rugby

Community Rugby Coaches

The Community Rugby Coach (CRC) is the local face of rugby union. Working under the strategic direction of an RFU Rugby Development Officer (RDO), these qualified coaches, trained in LTAD, Multiskills and the national curriculum deliver high-quality coaching to over one million participants per season.

The CRC is also a key deliverer to help the sustainability of the game, leading courses for young leaders and foundation level coaches. The Rugby Union Whole Sport Plan Funding from Sport England contributes to this programme, to which many other valuable key partners, add their support to get CRCs on the ground.

The roll out of the CRC Team is part of the RFU’s drive to provide the best and most available service possible to grass roots rugby union. The CRC Team has been put in place by Regional Development Manager (RDMs) and RDOs working strategically with partners in organisations such as clubs, county sports partnerships, local authorities, county rugby unions and school sport partnerships.

Club Hampshire

Club Hampshire looks after the elite side of playing rugby in Hampshire, and runs successful teams that compete from U14’s to a Senior XV.


Hampshire runs schools based competition for all ages and abilities. The RFU managed competitions include Tag rugby at yrs 3, 4, 5 and 6, Emerging Schools Competitions (for new rugby playing schools) at years 7, 8 and 9, and the Hampshire Schools RFU manage competitions that run from years 7 to 10.

Club Support

Club Accreditation

Club rugby lies at the heart of rugby in England. It is where the game is played in huge numbers and it is the environment that the RFU Development Department is committed to supporting by ‘strengthening clubs and growing the game in the communities around them’.

Part of this commitment is to introduce a new Club Accreditation scheme that will help all club sections to become stronger, more effective, more efficient and more enjoyable places in which to play rugby. Unlike other accreditation schemes, this one provides a framework for a club to show what it is doing, how it does it, and where it can improve.

The RFU hopes that clubs will be both challenged by the process and enjoy it. It will allow clubs to exhibit all that is good about rugby in their adult sections, mini and youth, women and girls and touch rugby, while demonstrating that this is all achieved in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Click on the following link for a list of the clubs that have achieved the new Club Accreditation Award (Excel 24kB).

The Club Accreditation scheme is based upon the six Key Drivers identified as crucial to a strong club:

  1. Retaining & Developing Players
  2. Recruiting New Players
  3. Recruiting & Retaining High Quality Coaches, Volunteers & Referees
  4. Effective & Efficient Facilities
  5. Effective & Efficient Management and Governance
  6. Integration with the Local Community

Each of these Key Drivers, together with the Core Values of the game, is represented within the Club Accreditation scheme and together they represent the component parts of a strong, sustainable club.

To read more visit the RFU website

Club Development

Rugby clubs are rapidly moving into a more professional culture, partly as a result of changes in legislation, but largely from the desire to improve the provision for all members and to grow the club.

The most effective way for clubs to develop and improve is to be involved in a planning process that sets your club on the path to a better future. It is also important that this process and plan involves all sections of the club if it is to be effective.

To read more visit the RFU website


Ivan Torpey
Clubs & Schools Officer
07764 960384

Kieran Spencer
Rugby Development Officer
07912 541462