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Croquet is a sociable and enjoyable sport played by people of all ages. Flexible game formats and handicap systems enable players with a wide range of experience to play at the same time. Croquet is one of very few sports in which men and women participate together at all levels of the game.

In England & Wales the Croquet Association are the National Governing Body for Croquet. They are responsible for developing and publicising the game through regional federations and an extensive club network.

There are 8 affiliated croquet clubs in Hampshire & IOW which provide a variety of opportunities for people of all abilities. Most clubs have informal opportunities where new players can turn up and have a go as part of a club mix-in as well as participating in regional and national competitions.

If you are interested in playing croquet contact Southern Croquet Federation or check our Find a Club Facility.

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Christopher Roberts
Development (Southern Federation)
Tel 07973 787710