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There are many different types of Snowsport to enjoy: Skiing, Snowboarding, Cross Country Skiing, Telemark Skiing, Freestyle Skiing - the choice is yours.

Snowsports are fun, energetic and give you a great cardio work out. Indoor slopes are becoming increasingly popular due to the mild climate in the UK but it is a great way to get started and be prepared to get on the snow. Snowsports are also a great activity for anyone with a disability, to see what options there are for disability snowsport visit the Snowsport England website.

If you don't know where to start then Go Ski Go Board is Snowsport England's programme to get adults aged 14 and over into Snowsports. There are courses for Beginners, Improvers and those who wish to ski recreationally with friends.

Go Ski Go Board aims to remove the barrier of cost from skiing and snowboarding by charging an all inclusive fee for the six weeks of lessons - no extras to pay for ski hire, lift passes or clothing.

Once you have completed your six weeks of lessons you have the option of joining a local club to help you continue to enjoy snowsport.

More Information

For further information on how to get involved in snowsports, visit Snowsport England.

You can use their Slope Finder tool to locate a slope near you.


Susie Moore
Development Officer South & South West
Snowsport England
01509 232323