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BoxingMore information

Amateur boxing is about technique, speed and skill rather than power. Boxers wear head guards and gloves with a white strip across the knuckle area and a point is scored when this white strip connects with the opponent’s target area.

The sport is for both men and women, with 40 per cent of boxing gyms offering classes for women. Boxing also offers one of the best all round workouts of any sport improving stamina and boosting the cardiovascular system while developing core strength and balance.

To find about about opportunities for Coaching and Club Development, or to find out about how to get involved in boxing, visit the Amateur Boxing Association of England.

The Amateur Boxing Association of England have developed Uppercut, their programme for increasing involvement in Boxing at University. To find out more visit the website or contact Tom Gilbert, National Programmes and Participation Manager.

To find a club near you, use their Club Finder tool.


Club Support Officer (Southern)
Avoen Perryman

Home Counties Development Officer
Ceri Winter

Southern Counties Association Secretary
Aaron Pritchard
07713 487008