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HTAS - Fast Track Physiotherapy

The fast-track physiotherapy service is offered to help athletes return from injury. Athletes who subscribe to this service and become injured can access physiotherapy care to help them recover quickly and return to training.

Athletes cannot be injured when applying to be on the scheme. Applications will be processed one month after the form and cheque is received and membership of the scheme will then run for 12 months. Should the athlete become injured during their 12 month membership period we will cover the cost of physiotherapy for up to six treatments per injury.

Fast track physiotherapy appointments are usually offered within 5 working days of your initial call with no GP referral needed. A full report giving the name of the injury, a prognosis of optimal injury recovery, a management plan, advice on special exercises, recovery training and activities to avoid will be provided after the appointment.  

Fast-track physiotherapy is available only to athletes meeting the criteria of the Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme (HTAS).

Physiotherapy centres:




Harry Stow
Sports Development Officer (Performance)
email: sporthiow@gmail.com
01962 676378

HTAS sports science support