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The School Library Service has a unique range of resources to cover the age group from four to sixteen. Resources are professionally selected to support the learning needs of your pupils and to provide both information and inspiration. Your Service Level Agreement provides details of the number of resources your school is entitled to borrow from us.


If preferred, and in consultation with the school, SLS staff can select and arrange delivery of resources and take away material no longer required. This exchange option is known as the Assisted Selection facility.

Additional leasing

If you want to make your book budget stretch further, you can lease additional resources from the SLS to supplement your usual loan entitlement.

This represents great value for money, as an average book price is now approximately £9, and allows greater flexibility to support topic work within the school. For further details, contact your Lead Adviser.

Story sacks

We have a limited number of story sacks available for Special schools on termly loan. Contact SLS HQ if you would like to borrow one.

Group sets

The School Library Service can now offer sets of books for use with reading groups, gifted and talented groups, guided reading etc. Contact SLS HQ if you would like to borrow a set.


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