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School Library Service

Purchasing facilities

22% discount offered on resources purchased through SLS.
There are 3 ways to order resources.

Phone 01962 826660 to book an appointment.
Where to find us

  • Unrivalled selection of over 15,000 professionally selected resources
  • Experienced staff available to advise on selection
  • Open all year round, Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm with late night opening available on request


Order direct from either of our online suppliers and receive at least a 20% discount.

Contact SLS HQ for logins and instructions on using Askew and Holts or Petranet.

On both sites you will be able to see

  • Full details for all titles including synopsis, review, image of book cover and inside pages, and Accelerated Reader levels
  • Access to online SLS recommended booklists

Use our expertise to select stock to meet your needs.
Simply send us details of your requirements and we will search for the best resources available and send you a list for approval.

Complete an assisted purchasing request form, or, if you would prefer to discuss your requirements, phone 01962 826660.



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