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Stubbington Study Centre

Building works proposed for 2013-2014

Having undertaken a lengthy consultation process with teachers, children, head teachers, other users, officers from Hampshire County Council and staff, plans for our new accommodation blocks are nearing completion.

You told us that you wanted

The service also needs

The plans we are developing incorporate the above aspirations.

Children's bedrooms

The new dormitory blocks will provide smaller bedrooms, each housing 6 beds and with a dedicated toilet and shower room. The dormitories will include "breakout" spaces, where individual schools will be able to bring their children together e.g. for night time activities. Accessible toilet/shower rooms will be available throughout the accommodation.

Teachers/leaders' bedrooms

These will be included throughout the building at a ratio of one leaders' room to every two children's rooms, and will include shower and washing facilities and there will be designated staff toilets.

Current timetable

Building work is currently due to commence early January 2014, with an outline completion time of early April 2014 (fingers crossed). The good news is that the centre will not need to close during construction work, which will be undertaken in a segregated compound on site.

This project heralds a new era for Stubbington Study Centre which has been delivering high quality residential experiences to children since the 1930's. We are confident that it will ensure the continued success of this service, bringing learning to life for generations to come.


Have a look at some of our building plans below.

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